Giggling and Farting Snowman With Gas!

Universal Christmas is Featuring a brand new product that we think you will LOVE!


Check out one of our latest items. This snowman is no ordinary snowman. Simply press his hand and watch as he comes to LIFE! As the snowman giggles he passes some gas! This is a must have for any time of the year and something that will entertain the whole family!

The BEST automated snowman yet…

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Farting Snowman
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Peters Flying Santa

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   The Peter’s Flying Santa revolving Christmas ornament literally flies around your Christmas tree. Five reindeer pull Santa’s sleigh in a clockwise motion over your other ornaments and presents. Featuring a separate tree topper rod, this revolving ornament will even rotate your tree topper as it goes round and round your tree!


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Peter’s Flying Santa is designed to be a moving tree ornament and it is not a toy. It is designed for adult use and assembly. The ornament is 22″ long X 6″high X 3″ deep. At just over 2 lbs it easily mounts and flies around any Christmas tree — artificial or real, small or big. A separate “Tree Topper Rod” is included so that your family can still enjoy its traditional tree topping ornament if desired. It was created and designed by family members as a labor of love in Texas. You can download instructions via PDF by clicking here or click below on our setup and instruction page to see a video on assembly instructions.

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